Frieda was born in Florida in 1964. She was transported to the most rectangular state in the Union, Colorado, in a white Volkswagen beetle, about a year later. For the next fifteen years home was located in the ironically named, physician rich village of Hygiene. A requisite, exceedingly long and mysterious period of “adulthood” followed until, at the ripe age of 37 Frieda entered Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, California, to study Illustration. In 2003 she graduated with honors and continues to reside in Pasadena with her husband and three adorable children. Those “children” are of course dogs.

Why leather?
I love to imagine objects normally thought of as delicate or fragile in a form that is distinctly not delicate or fragile. The hides I use have a thickness that I hope defies preconceptions of how my subjects are usually presented. For instance I love creating birds and insects. But for this show I went a different route and rendered medical models and illustrations that are hopefully interesting and unexpected. Plus, these pieces harken back to my childhood in Hygiene. The Scooter is a self-portrait. I’m such a hardened rebel that I ply the streets of Pasadena on a 200 cc scooter. Lock up your children.